Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don’t Be Stupid

Hi Y’all! Is everyone happy about having a few days off for the 4th? I sure am. I’ll be spending the day watching the final season of Prison Break. I’m anxious to see how the story ends. To see how they wrap everything up. Can’t wait. I understand there was some Made for TV movie done after the series ended, and it completes the whole puzzle. Maybe I’ll start tonight. Since it doesn’t require any sort of energy, I think I can handle it. Staring at the TV sounds good to me.

Remember the first guy I started dating after Jeffy? He was cool at first, then he starting dictating with whom I was allowed to hang out. That didn’t go over well for me, so I walked away. Haven’t looked back. Not once. However, he doesn’t seem to get the point. He texted me today claiming to wonder how I was. I don’t really think he gives a damn about how I am, so I told him to leave me alone. Perhaps he’ll get the hint this time. Maybe he’ll stop reading this blog also. I know for sure there’s nothing here he needs to see.

I fell at work the other day. Slipped on gravel. Twisted my ankle and landed HAAAAARD on my knee. I’ve never been the clumsy type, so this sucked a lot. My knee started to swell up fairly quickly, and although my ankle hurt REAL bad, it wasn’t bruised or swollen. There’s a pain that radiates down from my knee to my ankle, and it makes it difficult to sleep. Or do anything, for that matter. I walk with a little bit of a limp now, and pushing the emergency brake pedal is VERY painful. Thank God I don’t drive a stick. Whew! Nothing is broken or out of place, just real bruised. I’m sure the pain will go away in a few days, but until then, just call me Limpy.

My son’s 13th birthday is this month. I can’t believe he’s going to be a teenager. Wow. I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to do, but it all sounds so stupid. I wanted to take him somewhere for the day, surprise him with something fun that he’s never done, but my ideas keep falling short. They’re just stupid. What the heck does a 13 year old boy want? Except to stare at boobies…

Have a safe 4th. Don’t be stupid.

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  1. I'm way older than 13 and I love TaTa's lol......Hmmm let's see, racers edge is a good place, its bbank and you race gokarts, he is old enough to drive them I think. Also a place called speed zone he would love, huge arcade and bunch of cool activities. =)