Wednesday, July 17, 2013

14/30 Things: Describe 5 strengths you have.

Let’s continue with this game…


I can type 80+ wpm. I took one semester of typing in high school – purely because I needed an easy A class. I already knew how to type, and was typing faster than anyone else in the class. I suppose I get this skill from my mother. She was always a top notch typist.


Multitasking. My job requires it. If I couldn’t successfully multitask, I couldn’t successfully do my job. The office would be a mess, things would get forgotten, and production companies and clients would be upset. It is a MUST. Often times I feel like an Air Traffic Control tower. I send each group of trainer to a different location with a different group of dogs. I’m in constant contact with them during the shooting day, and they are always aware of what their next job will be. And since there is ALWAYS something happening in the production company world, the emails on my cell phone run 24hrs a day. And believe me when I say, production companies expect answers to their questions no matter the time of day. Sometimes, it’s a pain. But it pays my bills. ;-)


I’m a rock star. Haven’t you heard me singing in my car? I LOVE to sing, and people tell me I do it well. So, I’m gonna take it as being a strength. I was in the choir in elementary school, and again in high school. I loved it.


Driving. Enough said.


Kissing. And everything that entails. I’ll leave it at that. No explanation should be necessary. ;-)

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