Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pen Pal

Every single day when I get to work, I turn on my office computer and sign in to everything. Most days, before I’m able to wrap my mind around things that are about to happen that day, a popup message comes on my screen.

For over two years, we’ve racked up quite a lengthy conversation on G-Chat. At any point during the day, I know he’s there to listen to me bitch about anything and everything that’s happening. And he’s usually the first to see any cool pictures or exciting news that happens around the ranch. And vice versa. During working hours, at least.

Today is the first day he’s not there. I’m sad. He changed jobs, and currently doesn’t sit at a desk anymore.

I’ll miss you, Squid. Guess I’ll have to come over to the house more often. ;-)


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