Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fire Season

Fire Season has begun. It’s in full force around here, and its no fun.

There’s a huge fire ripping through the Angeles National Forest, and it’s destroying everything in it’s path.

One of our trainers lives in that area, and was told to leave. She packed up her animals and everything she felt she couldn’t live without, and left. I guess this is one reason people have larger vehicles.

It’s not near my house, but it’s definitely visible from my front yard….

I sit and stare at the television, watching in horror as people let their horses out of stalls to run away from the fire. I think about the sacrifices people make in order to attempt to save their homes. It makes me sad. I live in a fire zone. I work in a fire zone. Every day, evacuation and fire safety are on our minds. Every. Day. As much as rain can sometimes be a pain, it really is our favorite weather option.

I have a five week housesitting gig, but unfortunately, it’s in fire zone also. We have discussed specific plans just in case. Hope I don’t have to execute them. It’s looking like it’s going to be a gnarly summer. :-/

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