Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And maybe this is why I shouldn’t have kept it

Remember back in November when my original laptop broke? It forced me to blog from my phone. And, well, we know how THAT went. At the time, I didn’t have another place to put all the stuff from the hard drive, so Jeffy allowed me to store all my stuff on something extra he had.

A few months ago, before I got this new laptop, I purchased an external hard drive of my own, so that I could remove all my stuff from Jeffy’s possession. Worked wonderfully. I moved all the files from his computer to my external, and all was done.

Last night when I got home from work, I decided it was time to go through everything and put things into some sort of order. As I went through things, I found movies that I had forgotten about. Movies that, if put into the wrong hands, could hurt certain people.

I sat and watched movie after movie, wondering why that kind of awesomeness didn’t turn into something more than enemies. It sucks, but’s it’s the way of the world sometimes.

Unfortunately, a friend showed up just as I was finishing the last one, so didn’t get to finish going through things to delete. That means I’ll have to watch them once more when I go back through to actually delete them.

I wonder if he still has his copies. If he does, I wonder if he watches them. :-/

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