Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wish List: Part 2

26.) If you had to order from a kid's menu, what would you get? Chicken Nuggets or Spaghetti.

27.) Do you speak any other languages? I'm fluent in sarcasm. Does that count?

28.) Do you use Twitter? Yep - find me.

29.) Do you go onto YouTube? Only to look up commercials we've done.

30.) Do you play Angry Birds? Hell no. I have too many other games to waste my time.

31.) Do you like theme parties? Sure. They can be really fun.

32.) Do you like current cartoons? No. I miss Bugs Bunny and The Road Runner.

33.) Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Oh yeah!

34.) Who would you like to see in concert? RM#1 and I are going to see Jason Aldean in October, so I guess that's who I'll go with. He was amazing the first time I saw him. This time I don't expect anything less.

35.) Can you swim well? Yep. Like a pro.

36.) Ever won a contest? No. But I don't normally enter them.

37.) Ever won a giveaway? Nope.

38.) Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep every night? Heck no. I'm lucky if I get six full hours a night. If I could stay asleep, then maybe I would.

39.) What tea do you like? Plain Lipton tea. Plain.

40.) What mixed drink do you like? Hmm...does Jager Bombs count?

41.) Do you shop at Walmart? Yep.

42.) Do you shop at Target? Yep.

43.) What do you order at your local coffee shop? I don't go to coffee shops cause I don't drink coffee. Ew.

44.) Do you drink bottled or tap water? Bottled.

45.) Do you like homemade meals? Yes, I just don't like to be the one to cook them.

46.) Do you like homemade baked goods? Yes, but again....

47.) Do you shop online? I do, only because I don't like to shop in stores.

48.) Name 3 online stores you would like to shop at: That I'd LIKE to shop at? Ok - how about Macy's, Target, and Fredrick's of Hollywood.

49.) What holiday don't you like? Halloween. Such a stupid holiday.

50.) What do you eat more when you're sick? McDonald's. For some unknown reason, it makes me feel better.

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