Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everyone. 

I'm sure nobody is as excited as me to see Friday. Nobody. Not for any particular reason. Just because I'm looking forward to NOT being forced to wake up and proceed to get ready for work.

Last night on the way home, the idiot light on my dashboard alerted me that I needed to get gas. Wasn't in the mood to stop, so figured I could limp myself home and deal with it in the morning. Funny how things work out for one reason or another.

Pulled up to the gas station this morning, and before I could get completely out of my car, a guy came walking over and asked, "Are you Valerie?" Before he could finish the sentence, I knew EXACTLY who he was. I was suddenly taken back 17 years to a time I had pushed out of my mind and almost forgotten. To a time when I was a very different type of girl, right out of high school.

We stood there as I got gas, talking about where our lives had taken us. Was nice to hear he had become successful and was currently happy in today's world. I know there was a point in time where my parents questioned that very thing. Glad to hear they were wrong.

See. Parents don't always knows what's right.


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