Saturday, November 17, 2012

An early birthday present




...used to be a XXL t-shirt. 

When RJ was four, he gave me the t-shirt as a Mother's Day present. He was so excited when he did it, saying, "Since you're from California, I wanted to get you a California shirt." (He was born when I lived in Tx.) The shirt was waaaaaay too big for me, more like a dress than a shirt, but I held onto it and kept it safe at the bottom of a drawer. Where I knew it wouldn't accidentally get thrown away. 

Fast forward eight years later. 

A few months ago, bff @ work happened upon this t-shirt while helping me move. I told him the story about how I got it, and made sure to make emphasis on how much I loved it because it was from RJ. 

Bff @ work took the shirt, and had it turned into a pillow. 

It was the most perfect Birthday present I could have gotten from him. Thank you, bff @ work. It looks perfect on my bed!! :-)


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