Monday, September 24, 2012

Ghost Town

A few months ago, Sis mentioned she wanted to go check out this place. An old silver mining town just a few hours from our house. So, when Sis says she wants to go, we all go.

Bff@work and I hoped into his camper, while Sis and Squid followed in their car. No dogs, no kids. Just four adults, ready to spend three days out in the middle of the desert.

Oh my GOSH, it was so hot!!

The first thing we did, was set up camp. Then, I climbed to the top of one of the mountains and looked around. This is what I saw…. (that’s our campsite with the arrow)

As I looked down on our campsite, I was amazed at how beautiful this empty desert was. I stood there, staring at what was below me, and called a friend.

We walked through the small little town, overwhelmed by the simple way life was…







bff@work bought me this REALLY cute clock! (the pendulum has a star - can’t see because it’s moving).

One of my favorite things to do every night before I go to bed, is sit out in my backyard and look up at the stars. While we were camping, we stared at the stars every night. It was amazing.

I saw this really cool pocket watch d├ęcor item at one of the little shops. It wasn’t for sale, I asked. If anyone knows how to steal get this item, I’d be very grateful.

It was an amazing place and we had a really great time. If you ever find yourself near the Barstow area, it’s a cute little place to visit.

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  1. Cool place. Looks as if you could squeeze out between those bars.