Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Lesson Learned

For the last few months, I've gone through a whirlwind of emotions. At first, things were great. I started dating someone I considered to be a very good friend. Someone I was comfortable around. Someone I knew I could have a good time with. We did fun things together, took trips, experienced things we'd never done before, together. It was an amazing few months.
Along with a new relationship, came new responsibilities. Things others wouldn't allow me to get away with, I now could. And things I had been getting away with in the past, suddenly were halted. I learned new things about what I like and don't like, and what I need and don't need. Important things. Things that made a difference to my happiness.

I began to become unsure about what I wanted and needed from him. I was too set in my ways to accept change, yet knew I needed it. I tried to welcome the changes, but things just unraveled in my mind, and I couldn't undo the feelings I was having.
Friends and family tried to encouraged the relationship to continue, because THEY wanted us to be together.

Then, a voice from the past caught up with me. A voice that said, "This isn't really what you want. Your heart isn't into this. Stop before someone gets hurt."

So stop I did. We parted ways, vowing to remain the friends we were before.

Dear Lord, please help me accept these changes for the better. No matter how hard they seem, they are best.

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