Thursday, August 9, 2012


  • I'm annoyed that people can't replace the toilet paper roll when it's empty. Really people? Is this too hard to do?
  • I'm annoyed that only on the mornings I want to sleep in, the dogs bark or growl. If they did it every morning, that'd be different.
  • I'm annoyed that The X won't grant our divorce to be final. It's been EIGHT years. Time to move on already.
  • I'm annoyed that there are important things I need to pay, but don't seem to have enough money.
  • I'm annoyed that some people can't keep their opinions about my relationships to themselves.
  • I'm annoyed that people cannot keep the doors closed, allowing flies to take over my entire office.
  • I'm annoyed by Mac.
  • I'm annoyed when the radio plays the same ten songs over and over and over in the same day.
  • I'm annoyed when someone calls me five times because they keep losing cell service. Go to a land line or wait till you have service, stupid.
  • I'm annoyed by slow drivers that pull out in front of faster cars. Those people are dumb. Just. Plain. Dumb.

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