Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maybe the new "Him"

  • he doesn't care if i wear makeup or not
  • he tells me when my jokes are not funny
  • he tells me i'm pretty
  • he encourages me to keep moving when all i want to do is sit
  • he doesn't mind if i happen to drink too much
  • he thinks my simple way of life is okay
  • he talks REALLY loud and gets annoyed when I "shush" him
  • he gets jealous
  • he doesn't understand my job, yet knows i work very hard
  • he laughs at the way i do things in the shower
  • he cares for my well being
  • he doesn't buy into the laziness that sometimes comes over me
  • he likes the way i look in a bikini
  • he laughs at my stupid mistakes
  • he pretends to be into NASCAR so he can talk to me about it

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