Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Change #1

I am moving.

RM#1 and RM#2 bought a house. A 2600 square foot house on five acres. Yay. For. Them.

In less than thirty days, I will pick up everything I own, and move. It’s been over three and a half years since I’ve seen some of the stuff in my room, and yesterday when a friend came by to help go through stuff, I was shocked at some of the stuff I found.

Probation papers, birthday cards from The X, blank divorce forms, life insurance policies The X and I used to have for RJ, favorite photos of JK and I together that I’ve never wanted to throw away, and notebooks full of old thoughts and notes to God I’d jotted down between the ages of twelve and twenty-seven, all laid out before me on my bed and floor.

I felt overwhelmed. I felt as if I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t prepared to move so quickly. I needed more time.

I stood, looking around at the mess I’d created. I looked at my friend, who was smiling at me, took a deep breath with my eyes closed, and sat back down. My troubles were not anywhere near as big as his. And for just a moment, I was grateful for it.

We sifted through stack after stack, drawer after drawer, and it was suddenly easy. I didn’t find trouble in throwing things away. Just a little change in perspective was all I needed.

I’m excited to be moving for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s FIVE ACRES. Know what that means? That means no more dogs barking outside my bedroom window every morning. They’ll have their own section of the property. Know what else that means? That means the birds will have their own section of the property too. Maybe an acre each?
  2. Some of the neighbors we currently have, are annoying. It’s just the luck of the draw when new people move in around you. Soon we will have NO neighbors. Well, at least not any within five acres.
  3. So. Much. More. Room. To. Move. Around.
  4. It’s zoned for RM#2 to own a bear, so a bear is what he’ll be getting. Yes, you heard that right. We will be getting a bear cub. (insert the overjoyous smile I’m holding back, here)

There are two downsides to it.

  1. It’s an added 25 minutes to my daily commute (one way). Yay for longer times in traffic.
  2. I will no longer be just down the street from my bff@work. This makes me very sad. I’ve enjoyed being able to just stop by for a few hours whenever I’ve wanted. Knowing I can just walk in without knocking (so I’ve been told), lets me know I’m not only welcome, but loved. I will miss them most of all.

T-minus 26 days. And counting.

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