Sunday, June 24, 2012


It’s 4:20am and I’m awake. I’m awake because I’m sad. I’m sad for bff@work. Yesterday, his wife went into a coma. Doc came to the house and said, “any time now”. I’m sad because he’s sad.

I can tell things are different by the way his texts come across. His wording is different. Almost as if someone else is texting for him. It’s a bit of an uneasy feeling to all of a sudden be talking to someone you don’t know. Someone you have no connection to. It’s strange.

I’ve never lost someone close to me, other than my grandparents, so I’m not real good at “handling death” etiquette. I offer to be there for him and his family, to help with anything they need, to just be a shoulder to cry on, because that’s all I know to do. Will they ask for my help? Probably not. I’m nobody to them. Just a coworker.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

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  1. Your BFF's mind is in another place right now. You cant gage anything from his text.

    There is nothing you can do but offer to be there. It more than some do.

    Just be a friend.