Thursday, May 3, 2012

Strange houses

Hi y’all! Guess what? Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Woot woot. Real excited about that. Looking forward to laying around and doing absolutely nothing this weekend. Sleeping in sounds fabulous to me.

Did you see this article on Yahoo! about the polka dotted house? If not, you can read it here. This guy in North Dakota, decided to paint his 100-year-old home, with polka dots. Unbelievable.


Stuff like this happens all the time. People put out strange yard decorations, paint their houses in strange colors, or even go so far as to build strange looking masterpieces.




I’m not real sure how I feel about this kind of stuff. I’ve never lived near anyone that painted their house crazy colors or put out strange decorations. Most people like HOA’s for this VERY reason. I, however, am opposed to HOA’s. I do not want some committee member dictating how and where I can plant a tree, park my car, or put my trash cans. If someone wants to paint their house the color of the American flag, so be it. If they want metal animals standing out front, fine. My gnomes are probably hated by some people, so oh well. That’s the greatest thing about living in America. I have the freedom to put whatever I want in my yard.

How do YOU feel about these things? Would you be mad if someone next door to you painted their house like a rainbow? Or put toilet flower pots out in the front yard?

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  1. Had a house near here that was painted pink and blue like a Barbie house.