Saturday, May 26, 2012

The most bitter stuff on earth

Meet Kiska

Kiska is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known. She’s cuddly, loves to play with little feather toys, and chases around other cats in an attempt to play. Unfortunately, she has a neurotic tendency to over groom herself, which results in open sores. :-(

The trainers have tried a number of things, but she always turns up with more sores. Hence the cone. With it on, she can’t get to any of the places she likes to lick, so they are finally healing.

Last week, when the trainers were trying out different things, one of them put this on her…

Photo May 17, 3 08 43 PM

It works wonders on some dogs/cats, but when applied to Kiska, she licked it right off without a care in the world. Ew.

Being the curious person I am, I said, “Maybe it isn’t the most bitter stuff on earth. Maybe it actually tastes good.”

Y’all, DO NOT TRY THIS STUFF! It left me constantly looking for extra spit in my mouth. It was like I had cottonmouth, and I couldn’t get the taste out for about 20 minutes. It was horrible. I can’t imagine licking off as much as she did. Groooooooooosssssssss!!

But, it didn’t kill me. And now I know what “bitter” tastes like.

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