Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Photo-A-Day (part 2)

Here is the second half of March’s game. To see the first part, click ----> here <----

If you want to play along, download the Instagram app on your iPhone/iTouch/iPod. The app looks like this…

Let’s start where we left off…

Day 15:  This is JK’s car. My favorite car. One I have surely missed over the last year.








Day 16: My sunglasses got to see some amazing things when they were in Vegas for the race a few weekends ago.








Day 17: I had to get down low to take pictures of this short legged guy. He SERIOUSly looks good in this green grass.






Day 18: This bookshelf sits in the corner of our guest bedroom. RM#1 has read all of these. I’ve read none.








Day 19: This funny little Great Horned Owl was four weeks old when I took this. Funny little guy.








Day 21: I couldn’t pass these up.









Day 22: RM#1 is very OCD about EVERYTHING. Including the kitchen sink. The faucet MUST MUST MUST line up directly with the center of the sink. AT.ALL.TIMES. *sigh*







Day 24: This little guy and his sister were back for another round of that TV show everyone seems to be so hooked on.








Day 25: This was my breakfast one morning. Don’t judge. Sometimes bacon and eggs just don’t sound good.








Day 26: My house key. This was given to me the same day I moved in with RM#1. Of course, NASCAR. Would I have anything else?







Day 27: This planner is amazing. I got it here. Check it out. My entire life is documented inside these pages.








Day 28: Sometimes, when you’re shooting a commercial with puppies, things get thrown out by mistake. And when that happens, someone has to dig through the trash to find them.





Day 29: Sis says this doesn’t look like my feet, but it is. Lovin’ this polish color.








Day 30: This is one of my favorite toys. It’s not my MOST favorite toy, cause it would be wrong to post a photo of THAT (wink, wink), so this is the next best thing. It has provided me with some amazing photos. I miss playing with it. Wish I had one of my own.






That’s it, folks. An entire month completed.

Y’all ready for April? It started today. Go check it out. Play along.

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