Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catching up (in photos)

Just a random hodgepodge of stuff.

Today was definitely a candy kind of morning.

A random man in front of me in line at the restaurant I ate lunch at today, paid for my order. When I asked him why (because I just had to know why), he said, “When you walked in, you were smiling. I want to encourage that.” So, I smiled the whole way out the door with my free meal. I thought about paying for the person behind me, but there wasn’t anyone. Maybe another time.

This was the fortune that came with my meal…



Later in the day, these two little guys showed up. Time for another commercial…

And then just before I left, one was sooo tired, it didn’t even care his foot was in the water bowl. Oh, to be a puppy without a care in the world. Tomorrow, they get to play with actresses in a house. Lucky pups!


Tomorrow is Friday, y’all. Can’t wait for the weekend!

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  1. Pretty sure the other pup put his foot in the bowl as a prank to make him wet himself.