Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another house; Another dog

I’m housesitting again, for a trainer who’s father is dying. She quickly hopped a flight to England a few days ago, so for now, I’m taking care of her four-legged children.

Hank & Tula

hank tula again

Hank is an old Weimaraner, set in his ways. Tula is a snot blowing, squished faced, farting, French Bulldog that is so much fun to play with. But, if she gets too excited or worked up, she has trouble breathing. And if she gets a cold, it’s GAME OVER. She’s had pneumonia a number of times, but is well taken care of by her trainer. I love her. These two are my second favorite dogs to watch. Of course, Ramen Noodle Poodle Pants is my most favorite. :-D

I used to really enjoy housesitting. It got me away from the roomies for a few days/weeks/months and it usually put a few extra bucks in my pocket. I eventually had to make a decision that stocking their fridges or cabinets with food I could eat while I was there, was a much more effective use of the money they’d pay me. But having to pack up my stuff, then unpack it (or not, depending on my length of stay), and then packing it back up again, only to unpack it once I get home, started becoming more of a hassle than something I looked forward to. I continue to do it, only because I really enjoy having the time to myself. I enjoy being able to do things on my time, not my roommates’.

Tonight I was forced to watch Survivor: One World. Why? Because her DVR wouldn’t let me change the channel. Grr. I’ve never watched Survivor. Not one episode. Ever. Last night I was forced to watch Glee. I honestly can’t believe that show is still on the air. Like, for real? And it’s real annoying when I’m in the middle of watching an hour long show, when all-of-a-sudden, the channel changes to something she’s recording. Like OPRAH! OMG, y’all. I wanted to shoot myself. I had to turn off the television cause I couldn’t even keep it on as background noise. *shudder*

I suppose part of the problem is that I don’t want to mess with her remotes. Things are set the way she has them for a reason, and I don’t figure I have any right to come along for a few days and change things. So I leave it. And I don’t go through people’s drawers or closets either. The only drawers or cabinets I go through, are in the kitchen. I’m the nosiest person you’ll ever know, but when it comes to the lives of my coworkers and/or bosses (the people I typically housesit for), I’m just not interested. Kind of weird. Like a strange kind of weird.

That’s enough from me. I have some agent coming by in the morning so I got to get to sleep.

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