Friday, March 16, 2012

We have a new member of the Animal House

Our house has very lovingly been dubbed the “Animal House” of the neighborhood. We have seven dogs, one cat, a hawk, a raven, a parrot, and two parakeets. At times, we’ve had owls, a pig, a couple of bear cubs, a tarantula, turtles, a McCaw, a couple of Husky pups, and a stray dog. Such a busy household we run. And every single one of these critters have worked on television, in the movies, on the internet, or done some sort of print work for magazines or newspapers. With the exception of the tarantula.

RM#1’s company adopted a new dog. After being in quarantine for several days, she was allowed to go home to her new trainer. Guess who her new trainer is. Yep. RM#1. Ya-freakin’-hoo!


This is the worst possible picture I could take of her, I know. She’s so fast, so it’s hard to get a picture. I’ll need to get out the big gun camera and let it do it’s magic.

RM#1 is shooting a new episode of Mike & Molly today, so she took this new little girl with her. The actress that plays Mike’s mom (Rhondi Reed), suggested she be named after her TV character. Oh, brother.

So, this little girls new name is…


P.S. Rhondi is also the same woman that gave us the bbq grill we have in our backyard. She didn’t need it for her LA home anymore. Every time we grill, we think of her.  :-)

Happy Friday!

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