Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things I noticed while in Las Vegas

  • People are so gross and disgusting.
  • When drunk people slam head-on into traffic lights with their cars, they don’t stop. They drive off as if nothing happened and leave the debris where it falls.
  • It’s perfectly okay for a large woman to take her dress off, wash her lady parts, and redress herself. While waiting for the bus. In daylight.
  • There is sooo much wasted paper (ads advertising sex delivered to your room in 30 minutes or less) and trash thrown all over the streets. When is that cleaned up?
  • While casino hopping in a Kyle Busch jacket, people have no problem making it known they don’t like me and my choice in drivers.
  • It’s totally acceptable to dress in any sort of outfit. No matter how bad or ridiculous you look.
  • Toby Keith’s I ♥ this Bar and Grill is an awesome place to eat. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, go Harrah’s and eat there. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you hate Country Music. Then you’ll probably not want to go. Cause it’ll suck for you.
  • If you ever go to Las Vegas, stay away from the BAD part of town. Men in wheel chairs with no legs, will chase you.
  • There are less and less “themed” hotels. There are more and more “regular” looking, non-themed, fancy on the outside, hotels. I dislike that.


  1. I will prolly never go to Vegas. This didnt encourage me much either. LOL

    Its too far to just give it a try.

    I went to Atlantic City and didnt care for it much.

  2. I don't gamble, but this makes me want to visit the city any less.

    I like how men chase you whether they have legs or not...haha!

  3. Haha.

    I'm not a gambler either. Don't really get a thrill out of pushing slot machine buttons, and I'm more afraid of the tables than I am of the strange people there.

    People watching, though, is so much fun. It can be better than any 30 minute comedy show. :-)