Sunday, March 4, 2012

Strange figures

While driving back from Oregon a few weeks ago, we saw these strange things…

can bird

This bird was made out of tin cans, I think. That’s what it looked like while driving 80mph past it.






paul bunyon and blue

This Paul Bunyan and Blue statue was in front of a hotel. Somewhere there is a picture of Sis standing underneath holding onto Blue’s balls. :-)






A seal. I have no idea about this one. Perhaps it had to do with the city we were traveling through. Or maybe even the store that was behind it. No idea.






A whale. Apparently, the big whale helps sell heat pumps. :-)


  1. Dont you think Heat Pump everytime you see Shamu??

    There is a place around the corner here that has funky creations made of junk.

  2. People put the strangest things on the side of the road in hopes of getting people to stop in their establishment. But, it does make for neat road trip pictures!