Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturdays without NASCAR are okay too.

My last day of housesitting was today. I expected to spend it sitting on the couch staring at the NASCAR truck race on television while cuddling with this poodle…

Which would have been TOTALLY fine with me.

Instead, RJ wanted to hang out. And that was even MORE fine with me.

BFF@work told me about this place where you can play miniature golf in the dark (think black lights), so The X and I agreed to meet up there so RJ could have a little fun.




After all that excitement, we decided to eat. Milkshakes and burgers for everyone. :-)


THEN y’all, he wanted to go to the park and show me how he was learning to ride a bike. So, we went.


Soooo excited!! (Proud Mama moment.)

He was a little apprehensive about riding down this curb, but he did it. Slowly. (Even at 11yrs old, things can still be scary.)

Super fun day.

Tomorrow, NASCAR from Martinsville. Go Kyle. #18

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