Thursday, March 15, 2012

It’s time for a shave

A few days ago, RM#1 says to RM#2, Will you please take Xena and have her shaved. Her hair is getting too long.

Here’s a picture of Xena with a longer coat. (Her hair was actually longer than this. This photo is from last year.)


Here’s a picture of Xena today. (Please excuse Suzie poking in the bottom of the picture. She always has to be center of attention. If you watch Mike & Molly, you know her from that show.)


Xena is not happy with this new cut. She seems so small now. It’s actually quite sad. And I can’t help but laugh at her every time I see her. Her tail alone is hilarious. Haha

I hope your day is better than Xena’s. :-)



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