Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blogging Question

Hi Readers!
It's 1/2 way through Thursday, which means Friday is peeking it's head around the corner. Can't. Wait.

Got a question, so figured I'd go directly to the source.

When you (as the reader) leave a comment on someone's blog, how do they normally respond? There are times when I respond directly to the person, because sometimes what I have to say is not appropriate to post publicly, but sometimes I just post directly in the comment section.

I know, I know. It depends on this and it depends on that, but I'm talking generically. There are some people that comment that do not have a reply-to address. This makes it difficult to respond directly.

So I ask you...

How do YOU prefer your responses?

1 comment:

  1. I like the email response. It is more personal. That is why I set up an email account.

    I prefer to respond to each of my commentors by email as well but like you said some folks have a no reply email.

    I do on the odd occasion leave a reply in the comments if the commentor is new or I have something earth shattering to share.