Monday, February 13, 2012

Today, the part of Val will be played by Paul Bunyan.

While taking care of a person recovering from heart surgery, cooking, cleaning, lifting heavy things, vacuuming, driving, and grocery shopping isn’t where my duties stop.

A few weeks ago, a strong wind blew down one of the trees in the backyard. Cracked the thing right in half. Unfortunately, it landed on the house. No damage was done, other than a few broken roof tiles and a missing gutter elbow, so I consider it a good day.

Since StepDad can’t obviously go out and cut/move the tree himself, I enlisted the help of a alternate personality close personal friend.


Here’s the proof…



Here’s the missing gutter elbow. I never did find it among the branches. Weird. Could it have blown away? Are those things that light?

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