Thursday, December 8, 2011

To break the rules or not.

When you have something to tell someone you aren't allowed to speak to, what do you do?

Do you keep them in the dark and just have them find out eventually, or do you break the rules and call, email, or text them? I suppose it's no big deal, but I hate secrets. I hate not letting people know things that are fairly important, especially when it involves money. It's just not my forte. I would rather be open and honest about a situation. It creates much less drama for me down the road. Learned that lesson YEARS ago.

Oh well. I have too much going on in life to continue to worry about it, I guess. I suppose if they want to know, they can ask. I don't have time for games and I'm not about to go breaking any rules. I finally got RJ back. Rules aren't allowed to be broken.

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