Saturday, December 10, 2011

I. Am. Lucky.

I am incredibly lucky. Not because I’ve won the lottery, and not because I’ve won an international month long trip. I’m lucky just because.

When I got to work on a very busy and rather unsatisfying Friday, I had my favorite M&M’s waiting for me. Bff@work knows what it takes to make me happy. Sometimes, he does just the slightest little thing, that can make my entire day seem not so shitty. A baggie with yellow and green M&M’s on my desk made me smile. For him, I am thankful.

When RJ calls me and says “I want to spend some time with you at Christmas”. The X is allowing RJ to come stay with me through the Christmas holiday. First time in six years I’ll be able to shower my RJ with Christmas spirit. For The X and his new found trust in me, I am thankful.

When JK walked out of my life, I thought for sure it would make me bitter and angry at the world. Guess what? It didn’t. It forced me to take a very unpleasant look in the mirror. I never want to watch anyone walk away from me, ever again, and I will work my ass off to ensure that happens. He was right, I needed to make some changes. For JK and his rude comments, I am thankful.

When Kasey comes into my room at 5:30am and pushes his cold wet nose against my arm that’s hanging off the bed. This early morning surprise reminds me that I have the house to myself and I am the sole person responsible for these four dogs. And they need to pee. At 5:30AM!  For this reminder, I am thankful.

When I’m standing in my garage staring under the hood of my car. One of my neighbors always comes over when he sees I’m playing under the hood of my car. Perhaps it’s the thrill that he might solve something I haven’t. Or maybe he just likes seeing me get greasy. Either way, he’s there to help. For this neighbor, I am thankful.

Happy Saturday, Readers. I hope you can recognize all the things that make you lucky. Just thinking about it all made me smile. I hope you get the same feeling when you think about how lucky YOU are.

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