Thursday, November 24, 2011



I’m thankful for…

· The dogs and cats that keep me company.

· The roof over my head so graciously provided by RM#1.

· All the food Sis made me to eat while they’re gone.

· The television that keeps my mind off being lonely.

· The computer that allows me to stalk my Facebook friends.

· The cell phone that allows me to keep in touch with work while I’m away.

· The car that gave me a lot of good years.

· The old camera that allows me to entertain the blog world with funny or amazing pictures.

· My job.

· The new relationship with my son.

I’m not great at saying thank you. In fact, I downright suck at it. When I have to say it to someone, I often feel that the way I say it, comes across as unthankful. Like I’m being fake. But I’m really not. Then I feel like I need to overcompensate by being extra nice to that person. And then THAT comes across as being fake.

Happy Thanksgiving, Readers!

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