Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let’s Talk NASCAR


Let’s talk NASCAR.

Tony Stewart vs. Carl Edwards.

Who do YOU want to win?

With two cup championships vs. zero, what do you think the deciding factor will be? Better team? Better car? Better communication? Better driving? Better ability to break rules and not get caught? Better luck?

I’m totally okay with seeing Carl Edwards win. I’d prefer it, only because I feel they will do something with our ducks for Aflac. Maybe a trip to Las Vegas for the awards show could be in our future. Plus, I kind of like rooting for the underdog. But, I’d be totally okay with Tony Stewart winning. I like Tony. We’ve watched Tony change so many things about himself over the years, and to win a cup championship as an owner, would be awesome, and a great self esteem booster. Plus, he bears a striking resemblance to someone I used to love. And so I just smile when I see him. :-)

I guess, overall, I’m just more thrilled that Jimmie Johnson isn’t getting another win. Perhaps Kyle will mature some during the off season, and come back with a different outlook. His immaturity still gets the better of him. I get it. It happens to me too. And without growing up just a little bit more, he’ll continue to be just out of reach of his big prize.

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