Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello Friday. So nice of you to finally show up.

Whoa! Is it really Friday? Really? Are you sure? Cause at the end of the day Monday, I honestly thought it was Wednesday. THEN, when Wednesday finally rolled by, I truly madly deeply thought it was Friday. And Thursday is just a blur to me. I can’t say I remember one thing from yesterday. This morning when I woke up, I was so irritated that I still had another day of work to deal with. So, I ask. Really? Is it Friday night, for sure? Cause I’ve been fooled twice this week and I’m too exhausted to do another day.

For three days, there has been someone else’s car parked in front of our house. I wouldn’t normally give a damn about it, if it wasn’t where I park. (I don’t park in the driveway as a courtesy to RM#1. My car leaks oil. At least until tomorrow. yay.) Having to park across the street or two houses away is sooooo annoying. It’s not because I’m too lazy to walk. It’s because that car simply doesn’t belong here. For THREE days. Today, I wrote an open letter to it on my Facebook. “Dear Red Car parked in front of my house. MOOOOVVVEEE!” After three days, enough is enough. Go park in front of someone else’s house. People went back and forth with ideas about how to get rid move it. (I have fun friends.) Lucky me, when I got home after a loooooooooong Finally Friday, it wasn’t there. Thankyouverymuchwhoevermovedit. I really didn’t want to walk across the street. This time I was being selfish.

Boss#2 and seven other trainers, are headed out of state to shoot another Travelers Insurance commercial. Yay. I’m sad that she’ll be gone, but I have a good support system in a few of the trainers that are staying behind to work on other projects. Thankgoodness.

I’m disappointed to hear about what Kyle Busch did during the truck race tonight. It doesn’t make me hate Kyle. It doesn’t make me want to stop cheering for him. It doesn’t make me want to stop wearing his #18 stuff proudly. It doesn’t make me want to take the #18 decal off the back window of my car. The entire racing community is up in arms over it. It was a real chickenshit thing to do. Totally unnecessary, and unsportsmanlike. Here’s the video…

When I first saw it, I cried. I actually cried because of the disappointment that came over me. I don’t want to be disappointed in Kyle. He’s a hero to me. He’s someone I admire. I watch his personal life unfold on Facebook and Twitter through photos and posts that him and his wife share. I see the good and the not so good. After all, they are human.

I watch him stare out at the water in this photo, and wonder what is running through his mind. Is he thinking about racing? Is he thinking about his family? Is he thinking about the charity event he was at while fishing? Was he thinking about how unhappy his life has become? I wonder. It doesn’t, to me, look like the face of someone who’s happy. But what can you really tell from a photo?

With all these trainers going out of town, I have LOTS of options for housesitting. One of them being a house I’ve never been to. Kind of exciting. So, for the next month, you’ll see me going from one house to another, week after week. The change of scenery is awesome, but the living out of a suitcase isn’t.

I’m off to sleep. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

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