Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Whoa! I started writing this on Tuesday evening. It’s officially Wednesday morning. Geez. Where does the time go? What did I actually get accomplished between the time I started this and the time I finished? Hmm. Damn Friends reruns draw my attention.

Woke up kind of late this morning because the sun didn’t come out. Weird. At 7:21am, I glanced at the clock with half open eyes. I figured it couldn’t be too late because the sun hadn’t even come out fully yet. Awesome. Once the time registered in my brain, I jumped out of bed and jumped in the shower. I really dislike rushing. There’s a much better outcome to me when I don’t rush through getting ready.

clouds in sky

The rain clouds lingered all day, and the chill in the air was welcomed with a sweatshirt and a craving for hot chocolate. After a long 10hr day, I satisfied that craving.

There wasn’t another mug in the entire house, so I had to use my M&M guy. S’okay. It was super yummy and yes, I do have a burnt tongue. :-P

Was at the gas station the other day and saw the Google Maps car. THAT was interesting.

I’ve seen it driving around town, and that big camera on top is fascinating to me. I wish I had the courage to stop and talk to that lady. I would love to climb up on that little ladder she had and see that camera up close. 360* of awesomeness.

I wonder if this itty bitty dog ever wishes to be bigger…

Went to the GI doctor the other day. I did not like what I had to hear, but I suppose I’m in no position to argue. However, fighting for the outcome I want is something I’m willing to do.

See you for my procedure, Doc.  :-/

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