Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy almost Friday!

…and my lack of desire to play, is awesome!


Had three new tires put on my car yesterday. The forth one was only purchased two months ago, so it was not in need of replacement. Still new, they said. Thank goodness, because the cost of three was bad enough.

While driving, I noticed that something was very wrong with my car. sad face. Took it back today and Whah-la! Fixed. I’ve never had four new tires on my car at the same time. There is no longer a vibration at 70mph+. I can take turns a little more confident. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no Kyle Busch in my little 4-banger, but it still beats everyone off the starting line of a stop light. and passing a Earnhardt Jr. fan on the freeway, is priceless. happy face.

Stopped for lunch. Got it to go, but never ended up eating it. sad face.

Having a big Halloween party at our house on Saturday. So far the count is 16. Gonna be a full house. Halloween is totally not my favorite holiday, but I promised I would be here for it. sad face.

I’m doing a few things under the hood of my car on Sunday. I’m mentally prepared and actually very excited about it. I have two friends standing by to answer any questions I may have to call them about (and The X said he would help if needed), but I’m not expecting anything to go wrong. I’ve done as much research as I can, and will likely do more just so I’m over prepared. Can’t wait! happy face.

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