Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Surprise, surprise

Two surprise phone calls in one week. Awesome.

Sunday: Mom calls and says, “Robert and I are going to the November race in Phoenix. We are driving and can pick you up on the way. We’ll pay for your ticket. Happy Birthday!”

Tuesday: The X calls and says, “RJ wants to see you this weekend. You can have him all day Saturday if you want.

To go and see a Cup race, somewhere other than my home track? YOU BET! And you can guarantee I’ll take LOTS and LOTS of pictures. It’ll be a four day weekend full of sightseeing and two NASCAR races. Awesome.

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, I had to discontinue the supervised visitations with RJ. It became too expensive to pay someone to see him for two hours, plus the gas to drive the 2hr trip, and now that my car has been acting funny (i.e.. smoking), I’m a bit weary of driving it up/down that kind of hill in this 100*+ heat. It’s just not good for me right now. And surprisingly, The X understands. At least he says he does. So, he’s allowed me to take Ryan for the day. No supervisors, no expensive payments, no “you can’t say this” or “you can’t talk about that”. No. Just the two of us. And maybe some ice cream.

Here’s to growing up a bit. And the progress of trust.   :-)


  1. Congrats on the growing trust. 1 day at a time.

    Cool BD present too!!

  2. So glad to hear it. Good luck and enjoy your visit.