Saturday, September 24, 2011

It’s Prep Time

Remember when I did this post about the baby raven? Then I did this post about 10 days later to show his difference in growth.

Today, it was back. Prepping for a job…

It had to fly in and land on the bench next to RM#1 (she played the talent for prep). First try: Success!


Then it had to stay there for a few seconds - without picking at the strings on RM#1’s shirt OR her hair. First try: Picked at strings AND hair. Second try: Success!


Then he wanted it to fly back to him. First try: Success!


This prep stuff is a breeze. The trust I saw between the two of them, was amazing. A friendship I never thought I’d see. A man and his bird.


Every time it successfully did something, it would get “paid”. Yay for food.

And it’s only SEVEN months old.

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