Monday, August 29, 2011


I have mixed emotions about Monday’s. Sometimes I wake up on Monday morning saying it’s the start of a new week. it’s the beginning of something great. a fresh start is just what I need. Then, there are Monday mornings when I wake up saying damn it. I’m not ready to get up. I don’t want to climb out of this cozy bed. I don’t want to face the day. Ugh, it’s Monday.

Today, I woke up with exuberance. I was ready to get off the couch I had fallen asleep on last night. I was ready to jump in the shower and wash off the weekend grime. I was ready to take the poodle to the groomer. I was ready to eat breakfast. I was ready to interact.

Then, I got to work and remembered that bff@work is camping until Thursday. And all the trainers were on set. And boss#1 had people working at his house so he probably wouldn’t be in today. And boss#2 had hubby at home so probably wouldn’t be in the office much, if at all.

And then I became sad. It was the realization that I would have no human interaction today (except the creepy guy at Jack in the Box that always flirts with me when I go in), that got me thinking. When I leave the ranch today, I will go home to an empty house. I will, once again, be left with nobody to talk to. Nobody to answer to, except the little voice in my head that says this really isn’t so bad.

Maybe this housesitting thing isn’t for me anymore. I get lonely too easily, for it to be a good idea. Laying on the couch crying because the only people that’ll keep me company are the ones on the television I’m watching, isn’t the way I had planned on spending my 30’s.

Happy Monday!

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