Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little midweek laugh

Hi there Readers. How’s things? Yay for it almost being Friday! Woo hoo. All you east coast readers, I’m jealous that Friday gets here sooner for you. ;-)

Look who I caught today? Naughty, naughty.


A few nights ago, a friend of RM#1 mentioned during a conversation, that she was going to get breast implants. As always, the first word out of my mouth was LUCKY! One day. I promise, one day.

Haha. No kidding. Was having my nails done today by the only woman I’ll ever go to, and she tells me she’s prego! Awesome. Was beyond excited for her. They’ve been married a year. Doesn’t seem like much “them” time to me, but whatever. Everyone is different.

Haha. A friend recently sent me a text that contained a very secret plan. I was immediately interested and jumped in my car. What. A. Night. :-P

Ha. I can’t even begin to explain this one. And since I’m sure everyone has someone in mind when they read this, I’ll leave you with your own funny thought.

Right!?! Perfect example of how fast technology is moving.

It’s official! I am a superhero. Awesome.


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