Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation: Day 5

Today, I was on my own. Mom had to work all day and it was opening night of her play.

I jumped in the truck…

stepdad's truck

…and just drove south. I drove for about 30 minutes before I finally stopped for breakfast. Couldn’t ignore the tummy rumble any longer.

I came back home and finished watching two more Harry Potter movies. I have one more left before we can go see the new one in the theatre.

Mom got promoted! (I guess retirement was boring.)

After Mom got home from opening night, her and I headed down to the bar to get a drink. She says to me, “Robert asked me if you always act like this”. I said, “act like what?” Well, apparently, he has heard some stories about my past and expected a very different ME. (Robert is the man Mom left my stepdad of 25 years for.) I didn’t feel I owed him any sort of reasoning for why I was different today than I was when those stores were created, but I did it anyway.

Enough for today. I’m tired. We’ll talk more tomorrow.

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