Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What ya think?


A couple of months ago, I saw a license plate holder on an old car that said, “My other car is a Mercedes.” Hmm, I wondered out loud. I’m not fully convinced that his other car is a Mercedes, but maybe it is. Maybe his wife is driving it. Or his really lucky girlfriend. Or his daughter. Who knows?

I got to work that day and mentioned it to a few people. The conversation pretty much went the same way it did in my head, so I then said, Does that mean I can have a plate holder that says “My other car is a race car” without people actually thinking I do? I mean, I don’t, but isn’t that part of the joke?

Everyone agreed that I should at least entertain the idea of getting one. My plates are NASCAR personalized, so why not? I’ll just move the Kyle Busch holder I have now to the front, and put this one on the back. Sounds easy enough to me.

Now where can I get one?

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