Monday, June 6, 2011

Richard Childress, Kyle Busch, and Dogs

So this is what happened...

Childress, 65, reportedly handed off his watch and other items to his grandson, Austin Dillon, and then proceeded to do what many in the garage area have wanted to do for a long time. He struck Busch with his fist. Sources said the two then were briefly separated and traded verbal insults, after which Childress grabbed the 26-year-old Busch, put him in a headlock and attempted to strike him again before the grandfather was restrained for good.

And the first thing I had to hear when I got to work this morning was "Hey Val! I heard your NASCAR driver got beat up by an old man. Ha.Ha.Ha."

I appreciate your constant attempt to chat me up about NASCAR Jim, but I would hardly call this getting "beat up". I remember days of watching Earnhardt Sr. fly around the track knocking one car after another out of his way. I even saw him spin people out ON PURPOSE to gain the position or win the race. America labeled him a hero, gave him a statue, and salute him on lap 3 of every race. But when Kyle gets out on the track, comes from the back to take the lead, people criticize him, throw things, and boo him. With this “have at it boys” mentality they’ve allowed the drivers to have, what is Kyle doing wrong? I’m just not understanding.

Moving on…

Got a call from BFF@work this morning. First time I heard him cry, and it made me sad. He’s faced with a tough decision about one of his dogs. Not being an animal person, I cannot pretend to understand the sadness one faces when losing a pet, but if it’s anything like the pain of losing a family member that you actually like, then I can understand the comparison. I offered my prayers and hope for a peaceful passing of his giant St. Bernard.

Happy Monday, Readers!

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  1. Not really approving of Richards actions but hey I might have paid to watch it.

    Kyle did semi start that when he hit the Childress car after the race because he didnt like the "have at it boys" he recieved when he likes to dish it out. He cant have it both ways.