Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new toy to play with

It’s almost the weekend. Yay! Anyone else as excited as I?

I’m going to be hanging out at Boss#1’s house for the next few days. He’s out of town at his granddaughters high school graduation, so I’m taking care of the dogs at his house. Yay for me. And five dogs.  :-/

Boss#2 bought a new MacBook for the office. Guess who got to take it home on the first night? Yep, me. I’m not a Mac person. Don’t like ‘em. Never have, probably never will. That was confirmed when I turned it on and didn’t even know where to start. I felt like there was a lot of clutter. Boss#2 is taking it with her on vacation, so I need to make sure it does certain things for her while she’s gone.

I’m not an idiot. The X taught me how to build computers years ago. PC is what I know. I have several friends who use Mac’s, and have been trying to get me to switch for years.

After sitting here playing with the MacBook, I can honestly say I do not like it. It has a couple features I like, but honestly, I can get those programs for my PC and be just as happy.

I’ll continue to play around with it throughout the evening, but I do not anticipate any excitement coming out of it.

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  1. I build all our puters at the house. I am a PC. I know nothing about Macs but it seems to be if you like them you love them.