Monday, June 27, 2011

Life can be so random sometimes.

Decided to log into an old email account I had a million years ago on Yahoo to see if it was still active. Yep, and it had a bazillion emails for me to go through. All junk or spam mail, except one. One message caught my eye as I was scanning titles.

Voicemail from JK.

WHAT? I paused, hesitating for a moment about opening it, and then decided what the hell. it can’t hurt. it’s from october!! doesn’t mean anything now.

Let me tell y’all…I was wrong. You don’t spend 4+ years with someone and not be affected by an old message. It’s just not possible. At least not for me. Some raw emotions were exposed when I felt a tear fall as soon as I heard his voice, but that’s expected, right? I’m still allowed to silently mourn the loss of something that was important to me. Something that had such a huge impact on my life. Something that, although for the better, I miss.

Life can be so random sometimes.  :-/

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