Sunday, June 12, 2011

The date

The date was much less of a date than I thought it would be. But that’s okay.

We met for drinks at a local Irish restaurant/bar. I’ve lived in this town for 23 years and I’ve never been inside. Cute little place.

I was a little intimidated by him at first. He spoke well, seemed a bit more educated than I, and was able to carry a conversation with anyone about anything. Me? Not so much. I don’t like conversation. I don’t engage in conversation with the cashier, or the bank teller, or the Wal-Mart greeter. Less conversation is better. I’d rather write you a letter.

It was initially agreed upon that we would part ways after drinks/dinner, but I agreed to go back to his house to hang out with his roommate and their two dogs for a bit.

The pit bull was cute, but the Dalmatian was cuter. I played with him quite a bit. He’s afraid of his own shadow, but was fun. He got sick and threw up, then kept walking around the house like he was going to get beat for it. Tail between legs and ears back. Poor dog.   :-(

He’s a smoker, so we went for a walk while he had a cigarette. We chatted about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. He showed me all his tattoos, talked to me about his life before moving to Cali, and allowed me to make fun of his way of speaking. He asked if I was going to go home and tell all my girlfriends about him. I laughed and said, “No, but I will go home and blog about it.” And that folks, was the ONE thing all night that I shared about myself. He did make me promise to write about a stupid tattoo he has. A finger on his left hand, has a tattoo of a mustache. Why? I don’t know. Because he thinks holding the tattooed finger up to his lip is funny. see example (sigh)

example. not actual tattoo.

When we got back inside, I was forced to sit through an episode of Archer. It’s not exactly my kind of humor, but H. Jon Benjamin’s voice cracks me up. He’s the same voice of Bob on Bob’s Burgers. After it was over, I decided that was my cue to head out. I couldn’t possibly sit through one more episode of that.

He walked me to my car, we said our goodbyes and I drove away. I’m quite certain he felt the same way about the evening as I. He hasn’t called me since, and I’m totally okay with that. There were so many things about him that weren’t for me, that it outweighed the things that were cool.

No harm; No foul. We had a good time, I got out of the house for an evening, and I learned a few things.

The End.

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