Monday, June 13, 2011

Country Music update

Just a few of my current fave’s…

I am so lovin’ Big & Rich’s new song Fake ID. It’s fun. The silliness of it totally fits them and I like that. The lyrics are catchy and I always find myself getting into it. (I really truly do feel sorry for anyone that drives next to me. I create my own happiness sometimes while driving.)


I’m lovin’ Toby Keith’s new song Made in America. Makes me feel proud. I sing it real loud. Don’t care who’s watching. Typical Toby.  :-)


The Band Perry. You Lie. Great song! When I saw her perform on the CMT Awards last week, I couldn’t believe how much moving around, dancing, and walking she did, without missing a beat. Without singing once off key. Without straining to hit a note. Without showing signs of needing to take a deep breath.     She.Was.Awesome.


Eric Church. Homeboy. I loved the song the first time I heard it, and I love it even more today. I’ve loved everything he’s done from Love Your Love The Most to Hell on the Heart to  Smoke A Little Smoke. Dude just has talent.


What list would be complete without Lady Antebellum? Not mine. Lady A’s new one Just A Kiss gets an A+ from me. It’s also the song I would dedicate to JK. (Since apparently neither of us can actually walk away.)


Chris Young. Tomorrow. I am so in love with this guy. I fell in love with him when I saw the video for The Man I Want To Be.


Blake Shelton. Honey Bee. I didn’t like this song when I first heard it. It was kind of lame, and the simpleness of it turned me off. But it grew on me. And it became the song I wished someone would sing to me. Lame, I know. What can I say? Through all this tough exterior, there is a simple girl who just wishes for romance.


Jarrod Nieman. One More Drinking Song. Fun. Nothing spectacular. Just fun. And it makes me wish I had a marga-daiquiri-screw-aloda-on the beach. (I have no video, I apologize.)


Jason Aldean. Dirt Road Anthem. Love, love, love me some Jason Aldean. I saw him in concert once. I’d like to see him again.


Saw this in the comments section for one of the songs. Thought I’d share…

You say Lady Gaga, I say Lady Antebellum.

You say Jason Derulo, I say Jason Aldean.

You say T-Pain, I say T-Swift

You say Ke$sha, I say Kenny.

You say Pitbull, I say Paisley.

You say Justin Bieber, I say Justin Moore and go grow a pair.

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