Sunday, May 22, 2011

I saw bears!!

One of the other animal companies has recently obtained a set of bear cubs for an upcoming commercial.

After a nice lunch with RM#1 and her brother, we headed up to the ranch. I’d never been there before, so it was interesting for me to see how another animal company operates their place. I know for certain things can’t be done at all the other companies like they are at our ranch. Not possible.

They were so incredibly cute. See….

bear cubs playing with an Anatolian Shepherd.


bear cub licking lemon.






They are 19 weeks old females, still drink from a bottle, and are like little people. They use their hands just like little children. They are still developing motor skills, so things they do are HILARIOUS. We played with them for over two hours. I could watch them all day. It’s waaaay better than TV.


  1. Thought you didnt like animals. Looks like you liked those. LOL

    They are precious.

  2. I never got gown on the ground with them and cuddled with them like the others. That's crossing my animal boundaries, but I did run around with them and they really are cute and fun. Not going to deny that.