Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A long lost…friend?

For 19 years, my mom and stepdad lived at the same address. Also known as my childhood home. About seven or eight years ago, a family moved in across the street that had a Ford F-150 that was painted some interesting colors. I hated it. My parents hated it. The neighbors hated it. RJ? Loved it! Thought it was the coolest truck ever. Ever. Ever.

When my parents moved out of state three or four years ago, I remember making mention that I was happy I wouldn’t see that truck again. No specific reason other than I simply thought it was ugly. No hidden meaning. No other reasons. I swear.

Today, while driving to work, guess what pulled up next to me at a stoplight?

ugly truck

RJ has started to read this blog. He hasn’t grasped the whole “comment” thing, but he always lets me know he’s read it.

RJ - this picture is for you.  :-)


  1. To each his own. I think it is kinda cool.

    It is amazing what or who pops up years later. I am meeting my old boss from 15 yrs ago at a job site today to discuss some issues with his project.

  2. Wow. 15 years later, something amazing could come out of a simple meeting.

    Life is so awesome sometimes.