Thursday, March 31, 2011

The new kid in the yard.

There are so many dogs. So so many. I go to work, there are dogs everywhere. I come home, there are dogs everywhere. Lots. Of. Dogs.


Charlie - the Princess. She used to have a brother, but one Christmas Day when they were out wandering the grounds together, Charlie came home alone. After an exhausting search, RM#1 gave up hoping Atticus would come back. Charlie was never the same after that. Nobody knows what Charlie saw when Atticus disappeared, but she won’t stray far when she goes outside.





Kasey - the Alpha Dog. Currently starring in Lincoln Lawyer.








Jack - the Humper. He loves to hump anything. Some of the other dogs don’t mind him doing it, others do.










Birdie - the Chill one. Usually just wants to sit back and watch.









Cinnamon - the Shadow. She follows everywhere you go.











Suzie Q - the Annoying one. She is my least favorite dog here. She barks at every sound she hears when she’s home alone. She thinks she’s the largest dog in the yard, but is actually the smallest. Currently starring in Mike & Molly.







Mattie - the Queen. She is very well trained. Knows her stuff like a robot. Currently starring in a Ross commercial.









Auggie - the Sucker. He doesn’t go anywhere without something in his mouth. He doesn’t chew on it, he sucks on it. Done it since he was a pup. Weird, I know. He’s not here all the time though. He’s more like the stepbrother that comes to visit every few weeks. He’s just a big puppy.










Britney - the Wanderer. She’s a typical Weimaraner. She’s not here often, so she has stepsister syndrome.






And now, the newest member of this household. Ziggy. Being the new kid in the yard is tough. He tries to defend himself against his attackers, but doesn’t always win. One day he will fit in.

The greatest part about these dogs? None of them are my responsibility.  :-)

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