Thursday, March 3, 2011

I found a date!

Ever since JK and I broke up, the thought of who was now going to be my +1 for LZ’s wedding next month has been on my mind. There isn’t anyone else in the entire world I want to go with except JK, so I just assumed I’d be the one dateless person there. Lame.

Well folks, this morning I received some of the greatest news. I now have my +1. He’s the greatest guy in the whole world. I can only hope he’ll be equally as excited. So far, it sounds like it.

I can’t tell you who it is yet. There are a few rules I need to follow for now, but I promise I’ll tell you as soon as I’m allowed. For now, just know that he’s the perfect replacement.

And I have a pretty good feeling that if JK ever knew who his replacement was, he’d totally be okay with it. He was awesome like that.

And now…dress shopping!

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