Saturday, February 5, 2011

Visitation: Week 4

All week long, I look forward to my two hours of visitation with RJ. Neither one of us is overly joyed to have to sit in a room and be monitored, but rules are rules. I’m optimistic that one day it’ll be different.

Each week I bring him something different for lunch. This week it was peanut butter & jelly. Because I’m a cool Mom, I made shapes. R=RJ, V=me, FOOTBALL=Super Bowl tomorrow, BONE=Dogs at my work. He loved it!

This was our entire lunch. 4 pb&j sandwiches, pb&j shapes, 2 bags of chips, grapes, strawberries, milk, and iced tea. Mmm.

Then we played Yahtzee. Once I rolled two Yahtzee’s, he was done. When he’s not winning, he gets angry. We’re working on changing this behavior.  :-)

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  1. Glad you could have a good time. I bet that is a bit difficult. Hopefully soon that can change.