Friday, February 18, 2011

The Starting of the Daytona 500

Starting on the pole this year is Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88). Not because of talent, but because he picked the lucky beer bottle. Whoopee! {insert eye rolling here} And what’s better? He drops to the back to actually start the race because he wrecked his car in practice. Um. Go Jr? Yeah, go right to the back please.

I guess that leaves Jeff Gordon (#24) and Kurt Busch (#22), in positions two and three, to bring the field into turn one at NASCAR’s most famous track.

4.  #31 Jeff Burton

5.  #78 Regan Smith
6.  #33 Clint Bowyer
7.  #29 Kevin Harvick
8. #115 Michael Waltrip
9.  #17 Matt Kenseth
10. #18 Kyle Busch

I am thrilled to see one of my favorite guy in the top 10, and equally as thrilled to see Michael Waltrip in there.

A strong congrats goes out to Michael Waltrip for winning the truck race tonight. He claims his first Truck Series victory 10 years to the day after his first Daytona 500 victory and on the anniversary of his former boss' death. <insert applause here>

Good luck to Mark Martin, Kyle Busch, and Michael Waltrip. Please do well this year so that Jimmie Johnson fans will shut up!

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  1. I was thrilled to see Burton win his heat. He is a nice guy even tho he wrecked Gordo under yellow last yr. I see him at a little resturant in town fairly often. He aint no big guy.

    Jr.aint Sr but by no stretch of the imagination.

    I'm a Hendrick fan specifically Gordon. But the Jimmie show is gettin old fast.